The 3D-Scamera

  • ow it works

    The 3D-Scamera One+ is a 3D full-body scanner based on the photogrammetric process. In contrast to scanners using depth sensors, which require people to ‘freeze’ a relatively long time for the scan, the 3D-Scamera makes snapshots in a casual atmosphere or special poses possible.


    125 cameras which each have a resolution of 8 megapixels (1 gigapixel altogether) capture a complete image of the scanned person with a single shot (One) in just 1/60 of a second.

  • Noise Projection

    Dark or plain surfaces cause problems capturing the three-dimensional structure. This is why the 3D-Scamera generates a second series of images (One+) immediately after the first shot, while projecting a special grid onto the person.


    The scan’s results can be assessed on a monitor immediately after they are shot. Customers are then able to select one scan out of a series or to start over again.

  • Postprocessing

    The resulting images can be processed into a 3D model with commercially available software, such as Agisoft Photo Scan or RealityCapture, and digitally edited with ZBrush, for example. The high quality of the 3D-Scamera’s images reduces the amount of work required for digital post-editing to a minimum.

    Transparent design

    While designing the device, the 3D-Scamera’s open and transparent construction was important to us. We wanted customers to feel comfortable and photographers to have unrestricted contact with them, in order to provide directions and animate them to pose. A positive side-effect of this form of construction is that passers-by are drawn towards the action at events or in public places.

3D-Scamera 1GP Raw Model


125 x 8 mega-pixels (One) plus 125 x 8 megapixels (One+)

Scan speed

1/60 sec. (One), 0.25 sec. overall (One+)

3D output

2,4M faces, 1,2M vertices

Scan dimensions

1,0×1,3×2 m

Floor space

2,4×2,7 m

Set up

2 people in less than ½ hour

Power specification

85 ~ 264 VAC, 16 A/230 VAC

Pack size

220x60x100 cm, 200 kg

  • 15 Minutes Set-Up

    The 3D-Scamera’s mobility as a result of its very quick assembly and disassembly is among its outstanding features.

  • Special purposes

  • Special purposes

    In response to our customer’s wishes, we offer variations for use in various situations.
    The device can easily be extended to double its height for oversized objects.
    Explain your needs to us, and we’ll make you an offer.

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